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Building Smart

GreenPlus+™ Smart Options for Our Homes

At cMAC, we believe that preserving the natural environment is an integral part of crafting a custom build home. In fact, we make a point of taking advantage of opportunities that benefit the environment. Our green commitment includes energy-efficient features that help control energy costs and help reduce emissions for a cleaner planet. The luxurious homes we build are specifically designed to harmonize with the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape.Below are some of the eco-smart options you can add to your custom built home that not only helps protect our environment , but also save you money over time.

Natural Resources

  • The combination of efficient use of raw materials and engineered products improves performance, strength and reduces environmental waste
  • Sustainable fiber cement siding ensures durability and low maintenance
  • All wood waste generated on site is recycled
  • GreenPlus+™ homes include an optional recycling center as a part of the kitchen cabinet package

Energy Efficiency

  • EnergyStar™ compliant appliances which use up to 30% less energy
  • Low E windows which reflect infrared light, keeping heat inside during the winter and outside during summer
  • Home insulation that ensures maximum heat retention
  • Duct mastic on joints that protects air loss up to 20%
  • Insulated hot water pipes reducing heat loss by up to 80%
  • GreenPlus+™ homes include EnergyStar™ certified refrigerator and washer/dryer
  • GreenPlus+™ homes include CFL’s in all recessed can lighting.
  • GreenPlus+™ homes include tankless water heaters and high efficiency (95%) natural gas furnaces, improving energy efficiency up to an additional 30%

Indoor Air Quality

  • All flooring, carpeting, finishes and adhesives are low VOC valley (volatile organic compounds), ensuring the highest possible indoor air quality
  • Sealed gas fireplaces don’t draw indoor air and vent carbon monoxide and particulates outdoors
  • Range hoods vent undesirable odors, particulates & combustion gases outside the home
  • GreenPlus+™ homes include electronic whole-house air filters minimizing air borne particulates to maximize air quality
  • GreenPlus+™ homes include built-in central vacuum systems which feature a fully contained waste bin in the garage to reduce air borne particulates indoors
  • GreenPlus+™ homes include carbon monoxide alarms

Water Conservation

  • High-efficiency toilets that use 1.6 gallons, or less, per flush saving up to 40% of a households usage
  • GreenPlus+™ homes include dual-flush toilets, which use only .8 gallons per liquid waste flush, further reducing usage of our most precious natural resource
  • GreenPlus+™ homes include tankless hot water heaters, reducing hot water consumption to only the water you will need
  • GreenPlus+™ homes include a hydrozoned landscaping package that places the plants and grasses in locations that maximize plant and soil quality and reduces watering consumption up to 50%!


NOTE: All options are subject to change without notice.